Ostgut Ton Fünfzehn @ The Block, Tel Aviv

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Title Ostgut Ton Fünfzehn
Client The Block, Tel Aviv
Description Promotional artwork for an electronic music event in Tel Aviv (Israel).

To celebrate the 15-year anniversary, Ostgut Ton will host a series of special label nights at venues across the globe. Unlike previous anniversaries however, line-ups will remain unannounced and will present both unexpected combinations and b2b sets from the Ostgut Ton roster past, present and future.

The first of many showcases will start at The Block in Tel Aviv on Feb 7, 2020, before traveling to other cities including Brussels, London and Paris among others. The celebrations throughout 2020 will coincide with a larger two-part compilation in April and August, which celebrates not only 15 years of releases, but also the mutually influential relationship between Berghain (and its various floors) and Ostgut Ton.

OSTGUT TON 15 Years Anniversary

Line-Up: Unannounced

Formats Poster (500 x 700 mm)
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FB Event Cover
Date February 7, 2020

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