Giegling Takeover @ The Block, Tel Aviv

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Title Giegling Takeover
Client The Block, Tel Aviv
Description Promotional artwork for an electronic music event in Tel Aviv (Israel).

Guest Artists:
LEAFAR LEGOV LIVE (Giegling :: Germany)
MAP.ACHE LIVE (Giegling :: Germany)
EDWARD (Giegling :: Germany)
ATEQ (Giegling :: Germany)
VRIL LIVE (Giegling :: Germany)
CIO D'OR (Prologue, Semantica :: Cologne)

The Block: Adar Cohen
The Squat: Pharaoh
The Lounge: Tal Cohen - Jonas Hassan - Niran Mantin

Formats Poster (500 x 700 mm)
Web Flyer
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FB Event Cover
Date March 1, 2019

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