12e Festival du Film Francophone

Final Poster & Logos

Alternative Poster Proposals

Alternative Poster Proposals

Alternative Poster Proposals

Logo Case Study versions

French actress Anna Mouglalis in front of the FFF12 banner (photo © Renos Champipis)

Title 12th French Film Festival (Athens & Thessaloniki, Greece)
Client Institut Français d'Athènes
Description The French Film Festival of Greece is a main cultural event taking place during spring
time in Athens and Thessaloniki. It is a production of the French Institute of Athens
and the Embassy of France in Greece. This year, it consists of a competitive section
of 15 movies to be presented in avant-premiere, and a panorama of films that have
never been played in Greece & show a wide spectrum of the French cinema dynamics.

The 12th FFF design brief needed a logo & poster as main pilars of the campaign.
Logo: A geometric impression of an owl, that can also be seen as the sideview of
a retro cinematic camera (eyes = film reels).

A love inspired theme was chosen for the poster. The two lovers' lips are joined in a way
that keeps any sentiment notion mysterious. The initial poster versions featured
custom-made typography for the main title and a smaller logo implementation.

To view the FFF 12 minisite click HERE .

Formats Poster (330 x 550 mm)
Banners and various other media applications

Date March 31, 2011

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