Terrence Parker 30 Years Tour

Alternative Version

Title Terrence Parker 30 Years Tour
Client Vibes And Pepper Artist Management, Paris
Description Promotional artwork for the European Tour of DJ Terrence Parker in late 2010.

Terrence Parker has reached a great milestone achievement in a career of DJing
for 30 years! He has performed as a DJ in more than 150 cities throughout the
world. While Terrence continues to release music on his Parker Music Works
digital label, he is also known for his incredible DJing (turntablism) skills and
his unique signature telephone headset.

In addition to DJing and releasing his own music, Terrence has remixed projects
for artists on major & independent labels in the USA, Europe, and Japan.

Formats Poster 1 (500 x 700 mm)
Poster 2 (500 x 1000 mm)
Web Flyers
Date October 21, 2010