Green Design Festival 2010

Stencil Version 1

Stencil Version 2

Title Green Design Festival 2010
Client Brainlab
Description Poster & Stencil artwork for the Eco Heroes exhibition.

The Green Design Festival takes place in September and October of 2010 in Syntagma Square, Athens. It is organised by Brainlab, an independent non-profit organisation that deals with cultural action around social & environmental issues.

The Eco Heroes exhibition presents the stories of 10 of our fellow citizens who offer a significant bit to the protection of the environment in their daily lives & habits. Each of the participant designers was called to produce a poster for one of these individuals, referring to their main eco-related activities.

This brief concerns the action of mr. Pavlos Gerardos, a newspaper IT man who uses a bicycle on a daily basis for all his transport needs.

Formats Poster (1300 x 2300 mm)
2x Stencil Sheet A4 (210 x 297 mm)
Date September 23, 2010

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